Murphy Bed Operation

To understand the operation of our wall beds please note the following: The entire face of our wall bed comes down – We DO NOT have bi-fold doors that open up and block the sides of the bed. All face designs on our wall beds are False; there are no operating doors or drawers. Because the bed is attached to your wall (at the top), the bed does not move forward, backwards, or side to side. It is as solid as your wall. The mattress sits on top of a box frame (behind the face) and has straps that hold the mattress in place.


 To open the bed, begin by grabbing the handles towards the top of the bed. (The handles on the face of the bed are used to help enhance the appearance of fake doors or drawers and will vary on each face style).


 Our wall beds use a piston system that allows you to pull the bed down with a nice controlled motion and with little effort. Because the pistons are located near the bottom of the bed, using the handles nearest the top will provide better leverage as you lower the bed.


 Once the bed is approximately one-quarter of the way open, you are now able to grab both legs on either end.


 Rotate both of the legs over until it stops. The legs should look like the picture above.


 Let the bed continue to come down until it reaches the floor. If you have a heavy mattress, you might feel some extra weight, so be sure to control it as it comes down.


 Once the wall bed is down, your bed is like any other standard bed. You can make your Murphy bed like any other bed, leaving bed linens on when you are ready to close the bed.

Closing our Murphy beds

 When you are ready to CLOSE your wall bed, follow the above instructions in reverse. REMEMBER to tuck in your sheets before closing the bed so that they do not hang out of the sides (This might look a little silly). PILLOWS MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE CLOSING BED.

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