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Vertical Murphy Beds

Our vertical beds are the most purchased type of murphy beds at Hide-N-Go Sleep. With a taller footprint, our vertical beds will allow you to have a cabinet look.

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Horizontal  Murphy Beds

A horizontal bed fits prefect into spaces that have a low ceiling clearance or for customers that would like to have an eye level shelf in their space.

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Other Murphy Bed Solutions

Our other murphy bed solutions will allow you to transform your space. Around New York, space is a premium and we're here to help you utilize the most of it!

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Vertical Side Cabinets

Our vertical side cabinets will offer you a premium storage solution for your space. We offer accessories ranging from lighting, nightstands, and valet rods to help you maximize your space. 

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Horizontal  Side Cabinets

Horizontal side cabinets will give your space a clean and organized feel. We offer a nightstand for select horizontal cabinets. 

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Discount / In-Stock Beds

Check our discount, showroom models, overstock, scratch & dent models.  These beds are ready for delivery 

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